Open space

What’s A Load-Bearing Wall?

Every wall in your home is either load-bearing or non-load bearing. A load-bearing wall is a basic structural element of architectural design that contributes to the very framework of your home — without them, your house would collapse.  

Non-load bearing walls do not carry or distribute any weight from the structures above them to the foundation below. Non-load bearing walls simply exist to define interior space; they’re used to divide larger areas of square footage into smaller rooms.    

Open Concepts: 

Year after year, homeowners continue to embrace open concepts and look for ways to create a more expansive, cohesive, and functional living space that’s better suited to their needs.

Transforming the compact layout of a conventional living area into an open, modern floor plan requires meticulous planning, especially when it comes to tearing down a load-bearing wall.

It’s our goal to make your load bearing wall project an awesome experience. Our expertise will help you to  specialize load bearing wall installation or removal services, as well as testing/inspecting whether or not the wall itself can be knocked down.  

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